[Gintama] Gintoki x Tsukuyo in their Class 3-Z Ginpachi-sensei outfits ---(REF 1: bit.ly/1KA0eIR)--- --- (REF 2: bit.ly/1Tt3UNX) --- Gintoki is fucking Tsukuyo by the office desk in a similar pose this: ---(POSE: External )--- I want Gin to grope one of Tsukuyo’s boobs while they're looking at each other with very aroused-looking expressions.
Added: 2016-02-28 14:10:09
[Original character] Based on that model ( External / ) a teacher in her mid 30s. First pane: Squatting on her desk similar to ( External ), her outfits inpired from ( External ), her shoes close to ( External ), exposing her boobs and her juicy pussy to the class with a slutty look on her face. Second pane: Riding a random guy on her desk in a reverse cowgirl position close to this ( External ), you can see the extasy on her face as the guy cums in her pussy.
Added: 2016-09-14 16:53:17
Added: 2014-01-25 05:09:23

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Sex ed

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Please draw milf teacher in glasses (orginal character) this costiume Image and schoolgirl lick pussy teacher this Image
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The 3 S rules of Sex

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Anime: Fairy Tail. Character: Kagura Mikazuchi. Position: Doggystyle anal. There will be 2 panels : - MAIN PANEL => Plan (and "only" the plan, no collar, etc.) similar to this one : *** External *** The anon guy grabs at least one breast (in preference both). Kagura is full naked and with her headband and she has a facial expression similar to this one : *** External *** - MINI PANEL => I would like a view from behind similar to this one : *** External *** At least, a no cum version. Thanks for reading !
[Gintama] Sakamoto Tatsuma x Mutsu having sex in a pose similar to this: (Image ) --- And I want their expressions to look similar to this: (Image ) But I want Sakamoto's eyes to be open, and I want Mutsu to be looking at Sakamoto while they're fucking.
Kagura x Okita (with their Final Chapter designs) by the waterfall having sex while standing. Okita is fucking Kagura from behind and he's lifting her leg up. Both of them are full nude. Here are what they look like (Expressions are up to the artist) --Image --
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