Trails of Cold Steel, fun at the poolside, Rean having fun with some of the girls 6 Panels, the first will be a re-creation of the panel in the reference files but with a more lewd tone (maybe Rean in the actual picture next to Sara too, clear erection showing) Panel 2, Sara getting pounded doggy style very hard, cum gushing Panel 3, Alisa (the blonde) getting pushed against the wall and penetrated, both dripping Panel 4, Laura (the Blue haired one) riding, looking more dominant than the previous two Panel 5, Emma (glasses girl) getting mating pressed hard. Cum bursting out Panel 6, all of them in just a pure orgy of pleasure/yuri/fucking (artist can wing this one) [img id="7c1892a3eba0e2ba13870edebc7ef32d"]
Added: 2019-05-10 23:13:01
Alisa External from Trails of Cold Steel is lying on her back. Sharon External is scissoring her. Alisa is having an orgasm and Sharon is smiling at her. Sharon has one hand on Alisa's cheek with the other grabbing Alisa's chest. Both of Alisa's hands are on Sharon's hips.
Added: 2018-02-10 09:06:01
title : Bathing lady Alisa sharon and Alisa in shower like reference image, sharon from behind ( same expression as her reference image ) pushing her breast against Alisa back, while spreading her pussy with one hand, and directing the water from the shower head to her pussy by the other hand Alish face is red and she is embarrassed. both of them have soaps on there body Alisa breast size around C cup, Sharon D cup size [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"] [img id="80cadd22e7e1b7e1b2a71b3c7d702f39"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="a6c1e5c56b524b892cdfe3f07bdd1305"] [img id="8ccc3b3a3f8679fbcbc1165630acbc7a"] [img id="b37ec6ed4484e65a42472d40e782e702"] [img id="65b218f48e08af89dac1517ae6dbc3e2"]
Added: 2019-02-26 17:43:05
Alisa Reinford & Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel) Extracurricular Activities (Part 2): After their round of sweaty fun by the storehouse, Rean and Alisa go hit the showers...together. As with part 1, use the CS1/2 character designs. Both should be naked. Note that Rean has a large scar on his chest: External Alisa should probably not have her usual hair decorations, but can still have her hair tied up like in the above reference for Rean's scar. Panel 1: Alisa is giving Rean a titjob. He's cumming all over her tits and face. She's smirking smugly at him, as if she's thinking, "I knew you couldn't hold out against me for long." External Panel 2: Rean is eating out Alisa's dripping wet pussy as she moans in pleasure. Panel 3: Alisa has her back pressed against the wall as Rean fucks her pussy. Rean is holding up one of Alisa's legs with one hand and cupping one of her breasts with the other. Alisa has her arms wrapped around Rean's neck. They've just shared a mutual orgasm, and cum is leaking out of Alisa's pussy. They're both smiling and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.
Added: 2018-03-24 07:57:05
Alisa Reinford & Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel) Extracurricular Activities (Part 1): After class, Rean and Alisa meet behind the academy storehouse to have some fun. External This should be using the CS1/2 character designs, not CS3. Rean is wearing his normal school uniform. External Alisa is wearing her lacrosse uniform, minus the gloves. External Image Other than what's described, they can lose clothes as necessary or convenient for what they're doing, but if you decide to draw Rean without his shirt, don't forget the scar on his chest: External PM me if you need/want additional references. Panel 1: Rean is standing behind/to the side of Alisa, kissing her. Her top and bra are pulled up, exposing her breasts. Her shorts and panties are pulled down, and she's holding up her skirt, exposing her pussy. Rean is fondling her breast with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. Kind of like this: External Panel 2: Alisa is giving Rean a blowjob. She's holding the shaft of his cock with one hand and fingering her dripping pussy with the other. Rean is gently stroking the top of Alisa's head with one hand, and he's cumming inside Alisa's mouth. Similar to these: External External Panel 3: Rean is fucking Alisa doggystyle. He's leaning over her to kiss her while he fondles her tits and cums inside her overflowing pussy. Something like these: External External
Added: 2018-03-03 22:42:17
extremely late Halloween commission ^^' Alisa Reinford from trails of cold steel 2 in this witch outfit, same pose but adjust it to so her nipples and pussy are shown . [img id="65b218f48e08af89dac1517ae6dbc3e2"] [img id="4d2e6b8e0ffa0a08c26e4e7193be5365"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"]
Added: 2018-10-30 00:24:20
Alisa Reinford and Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel) Rean and Alisa, both naked, are having sex in this position: External An X-ray panel shows Rean cumming inside Alisa's pussy, and enough cum is flowing out of her and pooling on the bed to show that they've been at it for several rounds already.
Added: 2017-11-08 01:55:07
Alisa Reinford & Rean Schwarzer (Trails of Cold Steel) Extracurricular Activities (Part 3): That night, Alisa drops by Rean's room to spend a little more quality time with her lover. As with parts 1 and 2, use the CS1/2 character designs. Both should be naked. Note that Rean has a large scar on his chest: External Panel 1: Rean is sitting on his bed, and Alisa is riding his cock, facing him. He's groping her tits and sucking on one of her nipples. Panel 2: Rean is lying on the bed now, and Alisa's still riding him in the cowgirl position. Rean's hands are on Alisa's hips, and Alisa's tits are bouncing up and down as she starts fucking him harder. Panel 3: Alisa is lying on top of Rean now, kissing him passionately as they climax together. Rean is cumming inside Alisa's pussy, and cum is leaking out of her.
Added: 2018-04-09 01:01:29
Alisa tribbing Emma. Emma has her glasses on. Takes place in Nord Highlands.External [img id="283beac9d79746ec8d79bebdc95854f2"] [img id="d0d06ed39b888871fa744a778b1cd36f"] [img id="9ca3e2bb8baf47d1153327dabe0625fc"]
Added: 2019-03-13 13:47:39
Trails of Cold Steel 3: Emma Millstein and Alisa Reinford looking towards the screen their bare breasts pressed against one another as they're both blushing. Something like this scene External (Only their tops are down/unzipped)
Added: 2017-10-13 02:55:13
Alisa Reinford from Trails of cold steel in position as the reference image please adjust the color / designs of the clothes to match Alisa outfit same pose but no pantes, her pussy is fully shown and there is thick cum flowing out of her and pooling on the ground. yeah no hair down there [img id="65b218f48e08af89dac1517ae6dbc3e2"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"] [img id="23b7c36428b786bad4c38a9b0ca5a545"]
Added: 2019-03-10 07:51:04
4 panels. Sara fingering Alisa and grabbing her breast. Sara licking Fie. Sara is on top of Emma and licking her. Sara tribbing Laura.Sara is dominate. all of them are nude and Emma has her glasses. Takes place in the Academy field External . [img id="473d9d7e3c4b3c2d10c35c6835d3be2e"] [img id="283beac9d79746ec8d79bebdc95854f2"] [img id="44b2344d13ed59d5c06b95d0372cd725"] [img id="d0d06ed39b888871fa744a778b1cd36f"] [img id="4ccf0f5f4b5e9646e9d52453b61ddcc2"] [img id="36541524d7185139f0aa55d6d4098a4c"] [img id="fb3e6134384bb9b5c635f2c1d18264f6"] [img id="1a00bdb14b796ccae3dce22a6e835734"] [img id="758356b3dcc9a922f18d6d8400d8d4bc"]
Added: 2019-04-06 21:51:45
3 panels, from Trailes of cold steel 2, there is this one sceen where Alisa is sitting on Rean lap inside Valimar’s cockpit ( Rean robot ), I want you to use same background and atmosphere here. panel no1 position Image there are looking at one other here, the can be nude or dressed up to you panel no2 position Image there eyes are open, he is cumming inside her pussy and cum is leaking out of her wet pussy panel no3 position is anal Image there eyes are open, he is holding her legs up, he is cumming inside her anus , her pussy very wet and cum is poring out of both her anus and pussy in all panels both characters enjoys it and in love, there faces are a little bit red feel free to contact me if anything is not clear ^_^ [img id="6dcd738bf139669af9607acc5eb7b1cd"] [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"] [img id="b71890251dc38fa2957dc6747d26e5d8"] [img id="a5f57bf15e5214229d5ecfd316e8b432"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="1cf01926f1925dd168d8d797127ad8ac"] [img id="8db4982c9ab646e4078ecd86d4c1686f"] [img id="3d180e21c6f4418d22e3ac25e333acea"] [img id="d5fc360f80641ed5ace7301d3eac92f7"] [img id="b0f838187731ec7c7350d17365243948"]
Added: 2019-06-18 13:42:13
Emma and Alisa from Trails of Cold Steel, 69ing each other csiii-emma-alisa these two
Added: 2018-10-01 08:35:43
Trails of Cold Steel Rean having his cock being ridden by Emma Millstein, Alisa Reinford sitting on his face while their breasts are pushed together and they kiss while Sara Valestein watches sitting on the classroom teachers desk fingering herself
Added: 2018-07-25 02:43:40
Fie is licking Alisa and Laura is kissing her. [img id="44b2344d13ed59d5c06b95d0372cd725"] [img id="283beac9d79746ec8d79bebdc95854f2"] [img id="4ccf0f5f4b5e9646e9d52453b61ddcc2"] [img id="852ff4738cbd705d8c836e302cc791a5"]
Added: 2019-03-06 10:38:57
Emma fingering Alisa and sucking her breast. Emma has her glasses on. Both are nude.Takes place in the park. External [img id="d0d06ed39b888871fa744a778b1cd36f"] [img id="283beac9d79746ec8d79bebdc95854f2"] [img id="16fc7d45782c244d9780cdc9438b991d"]
Added: 2019-03-22 21:06:37
Alisa and Fie in a 69. Fie is on the bottom. Happens in the Spina Byroad. External [img id="283beac9d79746ec8d79bebdc95854f2"] [img id="44b2344d13ed59d5c06b95d0372cd725"] [img id="0cb9d4506c2d20b5aba47cc71e79a715"]
Added: 2019-04-24 08:01:15
Alisa wearing nothing but Rean red jacket in same way and pose in reference image. and same expression. make her hair a little bit missed up and a little bit of sweat on her body, indicating they are just done having sex [img id="6dcd738bf139669af9607acc5eb7b1cd"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"] [img id="b71890251dc38fa2957dc6747d26e5d8"] [img id="1cf01926f1925dd168d8d797127ad8ac"] [img id="95c15bfe7317f22df63a24ca296cdf5e"]
Added: 2019-05-24 18:02:21
from trails of cold steel 2 , Rean and Alisa having sex in doggystyle and kissing, like in reference image Rean is g her breast with one hand and his other arm on her hip, he is cumming inside her with a lot of thick cum leaking and forming a small pool of cum on the bed Alisa breast are around B size or so, NOT very huge like in (position reference image ). both enjoy it, they can be kissing normally or with tongues, artist choice . they can be fully nude or have some of there clothes still on, artist choice . feel free to contact me if anything is not clear ^_^..... and please don't set a deadline that you can't follow ! [img id="a4146707ee215422e655e1e39044a209"] [img id="b71890251dc38fa2957dc6747d26e5d8"] [img id="44f9f233a9be1f506f8e3b11160a7ecd"] [img id="6dcd738bf139669af9607acc5eb7b1cd"] [img id="79214e15f336c87376b4c6a65e76c14f"] [img id="4d834ff23efeaf81fe2f486e25caf377"] [img id="1cf01926f1925dd168d8d797127ad8ac"] [img id="d217309a19c715a1cc05159fbe40e847"]
Added: 2019-06-17 06:39:36
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