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Machi’s Booty Call: Panel 1: Machi External like this External (No need for mirror) with texting Image Machi “What are you doing tonight?”, Gon “Hanging with friends” Machi “(Smiley face emoji) Bring them” Panel 2: Triple penetration anal like this Image Machi grunting with “Oh”s and “Ah”s. The three fucking her are Leorio External ua External and Gon External (They don’t really have to be in it, but their skin color matching and Leorio wearing a condom would be great) Panel 3: Machi tembling, a condom hanging out of her ass, ass that has cum in it like this External ( A text from ua “You should be here! She’s great and we’re all giving Leorio hell for wearing a condom” Kurapika “Are you up for round two?”
Added: 2019-09-20 09:12:57
Defeat of Miss Valentine: Panel 1: Miss Valentine External External Image External In her dress and hat looking angry saying “Why do you keep ignoring me!” and two off screen bubbles saying “Now we can finally find out who’s stronger” and “Yeah, time to show you. Hey Lady, you should get out of the way” Panel 2: Luffy External External (Without his hat) and Zolo Image Image are double penetrating Valentine (Hat off, dress pulled up) like this Image Valentine thinking “the rubber got my ass and is still growing!” Luffy says “She’ll decide who’s stronger!” Zolo says “Fine! I’m going to fuck her like no one ever has!” (Luffy and Zolo don't have to be completely visable, it'd just be nice for something to show it's them)
Added: 2019-09-03 21:06:32
Machi External with cum in her mouth and vagina being fucked like this Image with a story section that says "AS the Phantom Troupe fought in York New they were slowly defeated by the Chain Guy and his friends. One of his friends ua, took the opportunity to face down Machi one more time...... He was victorious."
Added: 2019-08-31 06:33:49
Machi External full nel anal like this Image Clothing up to you.
Added: 2019-08-14 08:58:44
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Luffy’s Reward: Panel 1: Nojiko External Image is giving Luffy External External a blowjob while Nami Image Image is jerking him off. A kinda story on the side saying “After Luffy had defeated Arlong, the sisters took him back to their home in Coco village and rewarded him” ref: External Panel 2: Nami is riding and making out with Luffy like this Image Nojiko watching and smiling. Story “As the night went on Nami unleashed unbridled passion that would last hours.
Added: 2019-08-07 02:03:11
Miles Can Handle It: Panel 1: Gwen Stacy External Image wearing a bra (Themed semi on her costume) taking a selfie like this External with text chat like this Image Gwen “Bet you couldn’t handle this.” And from Miles “Bet” Panel 2: Miles Morales Image Image is behind Gwen, pulling her hair and fucking her. Her eyes are wide and she’s saying “Holy Miles!” Miles Says “What? Never heard of the BBC?” Ref: Image
Added: 2019-08-02 09:12:25
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